Friday, 8 June 2012




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'South Africa - SUCCULENTS II'     © Judith Cain  2019

'Here is a painter in full flow  -  enfolded in a controlled delirium. The paintings of Judith Cain offer us the gift of sharing her double seduction by art and by places. On the one hand they show painting's open possibilities of carrying us off to its own 'elsewhere', and on the other, they explore, make seeable, the vegetal, geomorphic, climatic and cultural metamorphoses that draw her to and keep her in the grip of specific places. Her current practice is the fruit of a continuing vital struggle to discover and cultivate painterly terms of response to the first and ever present question for every painter: what is it that I cannot stop painting?  For Judith the question has come to focus on the conjunction of her relation to art and her experience of and delight in particular places.'

MICHAEL PHILLIPSON  -  February 2000  
From the catalogue essay 'Enfolding Places  -  Recent Paintings by Judith Cain'